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How long will my boat wrap last?
Most vinyl boat wraps can keep their original look for five to seven years, depending on air salinity, sun exposure, boat maintenance and it's storage conditions. We can help give you tips to keep it looking it's best.
Will the wrap damage my paint job?
Boat wraps can actually protect your paint job. Our installation professionals will ensure that the vinyl will not damage paint job, instead it will help prevent damage from scratches, UV rays and more!
Do you offer customized boat wrap graphics?
In fact, that is our specialty! Our team of in-house designers are award winners with multiple industry experience. We'd love the opportunity to bring your ideas to life so that you're getting noticed on the water whether it's personal or for business, you'll surely grab the attention your wanting!
Do you only vinyl wrap boats?
Of course not, it just happens to be our specialty. We focus on the marine industry because our artists are known for their original marine artwork. We are not limited to the ocean, we can wrap and design just about anything you can throw at us!
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Let’s create together!

Do you have an idea but are limited with your ability to turn it into finished artwork, we can help you design your ideas, use the form below and let’s talk about it.

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